Dior New Bond Street opening launch

Dior is a French luxury goods fashion house, started in 1946 by designer Christian Dior. Dior holds its flagship store is on New Bond street.

My experience:

Last month I was invited to Dior’s new flagship store opening on New bond street and what a beautiful site it was.

Upon arriving I was swayed by the beautiful choir playing violins and cellos. The night sampled fine canapés and champagne, although I stuck to the pomegranate fizz, as I was not drinking that night. To be fair the pomegranate fizz was rather refreshing.

I saw some Dior statement pieces that are absolute must haves! My friend purchased the Dior sneakers in black, which has now encouraged me to also purchase some Dior sneakers, so I will be adding Dior those to my wishlist alongside a Diorama bag!

In Dior home, there was a massive pop-up Dior house replica of the New Bond street store.

Moving upstairs, into Baby Dior was the absolute cutest thing that I had seen. If I ever have children, ensuring that they are in Baby Dior pre-requisite.

Moving down into menswear was pretty cool, I actually prefer Dior men’s RTW than women’s , hence why I didn’t take any pictures. I feel that men’s wear is clean cut, structured and as an essence of coolness.

Overall, I really enjoyed the launch party, and it must be said that the events team did a pretty good job!

Please note: The store is massive and you may get lost! I did twice.



160-162 New Bond Street








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