Rudie’s Sunday roast

Rudie's Sunday roast review by Bouji In London| Tonique Campbell
A few weeks back I was invited to Rudie’s to try out their new Sunday roast menu and boy was I in for a treat! Just the decor alone will make you feel as if you have been transported to Jamaica. With posters of official street parties, carnivals and upcoming events in Jamaica placed on the walls and a selection of the finest Jamaican rums at the bar.

Although I was there to try out their Sunday roast, Rudie’s have a huge choice of choice on their menu. From small plates to plantain bowls jerk chicken, seafood, and yard classics.

Rudie's Sunday roast review by Bouji In London| Tonique Campbell
For starters, I ordered the crispy calamari, which is deep fried in seasoned polenta. I was expecting the calamari to have a hint of spice to it, as I was in a Jamaican restaurant, but it was neutral.

TIP: Squeezing the lemon all over the Calamari brings out the flavour.
I wanted to try out some of the smaller plates as starters, to taste what else Rudie’s serve beside their Sunday roast. I also choose the pulled pork balls, which are spicy deep fried jerk pork balls, served with a spicy mayo. Now, this had spice! The pulled pork is shredded inside and is full of smoked jerk flavour. The spicy mayo adds as a great accompaniment and found myself smothering the balls with this sauce.

Rudie's Sunday roast review by Bouji In London| Tonique Campbell

The Sunday roast is served with whole chicken crispy roast yams, squash, sweet corns, bakes and rum gravy, which is a traditional Jamaican style roast. Rudie’s roast is perfect for sharing between two people. The chicken is marinated in authentic Jerk rub, where the chef places the herbs underneath the skin to boost the flavour.

TIP: I loved drenching my chicken roast in the rum gravy for extra flavour.
For me, the bakes were my favourite and tasted better when they were soaked in the gravy. The roast left me very fulfilled and satisfied as it was undoubtedly filling. I would suggest sharing between two to three people, as the portions are large, and add rice and peas to the roast, as it is an accompaniment. I was a little disappointed that the roast was not jerked but upon speaking to the chef Vernon Samuel’s. He explained that Rudie’s serve many Jerk style dishes and they wanted to offer a plain roast with a hint of Jamaican influence.

Rudie's Sunday roast review by Bouji In London| Tonique Campbell
Samuel’s gave me a tour of Rudie’s authentic drums where they make the Jerk chicken and explained how Rudie’s smoke their Jerk dishes, giving their poultry a genuine jerk taste. I was able to sample some of their Jamaican jerk chicken, which is cooked to perfection and is a reminder of authentic Jamaican cuisine.

Rudie's Sunday roast review by Bouji In London| Tonique Campbell
Now, what is a Jamaican restaurant if rum is not involved? Be prepared as Rudie’s have a fine selection of Rum and Rum cocktails. My cocktail of choice was Jamaica Nice, which is a fruity boozy smoothie, which consists of Almond syrup, lime, nectarine, pineapple, Appleton rum and coconut rum. Sitting at the window, with the sun shining on my eyes, and beating down on my skin, I was imagining that I had been swept away to the Jamaica for that moment, as the cocktail taste like your on holiday in the islands. This cocktail is sweet!



Price: £
(£30 for Sunday roast)

What to wear: Casual
(I wore flares, a blazer, and Vans)

Ambience: A true experience of Jamaican culture with friendly staff and a knowledgeable chef.

Please note that the Sunday roast is available between Sundays 1 pm until 6 pm

Sunday 11:30am–10pm
Monday 5–10pm
Tuesday 5–10pm
Wednesday 11:30am–10pm
Thursday 12–10pm
Friday 12–11pm
Saturday 11:30am–12am




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