My favourite autumnal fragrances

Winter is finally among us, with autumn disappearing right before our eyes. However, I cannot leave autumn without sharing my favourite autumnal fragrances, which I have been wearing throughout autumn.

My autumnal fragrances by Tonique Campbell Bouji In London
There has to be a potent fragrance within my list, and for the darker days, I use Molton Brown Russian leather.

‘A blend of Siberian pine oil, leather and wood are combined to make this unique scent. The dark and intense fragrance will take you to Siberia’s wilderness. It starts with top notes of elemi, black tea and purple basil before moving on to Siberian pine, tobacco and birch before ending with vetiver, leather and cade.’

I was gifted this scent during the summer months, however, due to its very strong scent, I started using this scent throughout autumn, as it was more appropriate. Previously, I used to wear many Oud perfumes with similar notes throughout the winter months, so this is perfects as it’s leather notes, does linger on, therefore a few sprays of this luscious perfume is enough before it becomes overwhelming. Although the scent is quite masculine, the purple basil notes to aid in giving some femininity and sweetness to the scent.

My autumnal fragrances by Tonique Campbell Bouji In London
‘At the heart of DKNY Nectar love is an exclusive natural attraction extract of honeycomb and Neroli. Irresistible, intoxicating, addictive.’

DKNY Nectar was my first-second fragrance to try out in the autumn months. What an enchanting fragrance this is! I used this fragrance on the brighter sun-filled autumn days, as the scent reminds me of summer and aids in warming up my day. Nectar love is filled with musky notes, which are softened by the sweet smell of honeycomb. What I love about the perfume is it lingers on the body and clothing, hence why I still have so much fragrance left as one spray lasts the whole day.

My autumnal fragrances by Tonique Campbell Bouji In London
Looking at the bottle, an empty sign is always a good sign. The Malin and Goetz dark rum had been my go-to everyday fragrance throughout autumn.

‘Our signature, best-selling scent, dark rum is a modern interpretation of traditional bay rum, distilled for women and men. This fine fragrance is an intoxicating elixir blended with zesty bergamot and plum, tattered leather and amber for an alluringly warm, incredibly sensual and utterly addictive effect. What began as a singular note highlighted with surrounding notes to bring out all the things you think of when you smell rum. Highlighted in our amenity program, rum is a fan favourite for both men and women.’

The first day that I wore the dark rum fragrance, I was complimented throughout the day on how nice I smelt. I love how the sweet scent of amber as it entwines with the rum and I am left smelling sweet but dark and oudy. I might have to take this fragrance into the winter months with me and I definitely will be repurchasing.

My autumnal fragrances by Tonique Campbell Bouji In LondonHow beautiful is this bottle! The details and presentation are absolutely everything! Shining the bottle into the light shows, the detail of the heart-shaped fragrance as the green colour glistens in the light. For me, this perfume was a great scent to wear on a ‘date night’ as the scents exude femininity. The floral notes of orange blossom can be smelt with the musky notes of bourbon, vanilla, Wolfwood and a top note of rhubarb leaves.

For me, this scent is the perfect blend of opposite notes, as I love the woody tones, with the floral notes making the scent more feminine. I also love that Aura Mugler holds such mystery and positivity as a fragrance, as the emerald colour symbolises life, luck, hope and intuition.

My autumnal fragrances by Tonique Campbell Bouji In London
An unusual choice, but the So…? body mist in Vanilla sat in my handbag throughout summer and autumn. I am so in love with this body mist.

1) Because I can pick it up at my local Tesco when I am doing my grocery shopping or Superdrug when I am doing my beauty shopping.
2) Because it is the only body mist that actually lasts all day!
3) Because it is £3! £3! £3!
4) It aids in toning down or lifting al other fragrances that I have previously mentioned.
I used the So…? body mist over the Molton Brown Russian leather to add a more female sweet notes, and it sits nicely with this fragrance. I absolutely love this mist, and this is my third time rebuying the mist.


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