THE SCIENCE BEHIND LA MER PRODUCTS BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONThis month La Mer invites its cult following to uncover the mystery with La Mer. What are the secrets of La Mer?
The origin- “I heard the ocean holds the secret.”
Before the birth of La Mer, it’s founder Dr Max Huber suffered severe burns as a result of a lab accident. He believed that he could alter the appearance of his skin by using products from the sea, due to their regenerative properties. He found a solution, a nutrient-rich kelp forest in the pristine waters of the Pacific. Sea kelp is the vital ingredient in the making of La Mer products and is sustainably sourced from only one place in the world. Huber sources La Mer sea kelp from the marine-protected waters off the coast of Vancouver. La Mer’s sea kelp is then hand harvested twice a year, placed on ice and rushed to the La Mer labs to help keep its nutrients optimised.
How is La Mer made-“I heard it took 12 years and over 6,000 experiments.”
Max Huber experimented with a slow-craft fermentation process, combining Pacific sea kelp with vitamins and other natural ingredients to create his broth. Dr Huber also observed that lunar cycles and tides affect the renewal rate of the natural sea, and scientifically expremented using also using this method. Timing is everything for Max Huber, who spent 12 years perfecting the La Mer cream, with over 6000 experiments taking place to ensure that this cream was to utter perfection.
What’s the secret- “I heard they play sound waves to each batch.”
As Huber was formerly a scientist by trade, it was inevitable that La Mer would offer innovative skincare products. When fermenting the marine nutrients used to create La Mer products, Huber uses light and sound waves, to manipulate and transform these ingredients, which in turn became something more powerful. This became the skin-soother he named Miracle Broth™ this broth is a vital ingredient and flows through every La Mer product today. This fermentation process takes three to four months.
The secret to the La Mer crème- “The Crème holds a secret golden elixir.”
Within each jar, La Mer crème flows the Miracle Broth™, the renewing elixir that soothes and energises skin for a natural, healthy-looking radiance. Its discovery is science and serendipity – it is the extraordinary elixir that helped restore his complexion to a look of such radiant health he knew that he must share it with the world. Huber journey in creating La Mer is a beautiful heartfelt story, which resonated with me as I also just saw the brand as luxury skincare. I am now aware of the science element that goes into this La Mer and their products. I wanted to share this with you, so you are also aware of the different and unique processes that make La Mer the renowned brand which it is today.
THE SCIENCE BEHIND LA MER PRODUCTS BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONTo start my La Mer morning routine I use the soft moisturising cream. It was amazing to be introduced to this crème, as I initially wanted to go for the traditional moisturising crème. However the moisturising crème is a luxury thick cream that felt on the heavy side for morning use, so I am grateful that I tried the soft crème as this is more appropriate for me. La Mer has different ranges of crèmes and lotion crèmes to use depending on your skin type and your regime, so it is definitely worth testing out first before buying. I applied this cream by warming up the crème in my fingertips to release the Miracle Broth™ – which is the legendary renewing elixir that flows through all of La Mer – infuses skin with sea-sourced renewing energies. I then work the cream into my skin and finish off patting the cream into my skin to ensure the crème is fully absorbed by my skin. I have dry skin and I love how this crème deeply replenishes my skin without leaving a tacky heavy feeling on the face. The soft crème leaves my face with a beautiful glow and my skin is revived.
a weightless yet long-lasting foundation with buildable coverage. The foundation aids in covering my acne dark scarring on my right cheek but still feels light as a feather on my skin. Although the foundation is full coverage I felt as if I was wearing a tinted moisturiser. The foundation still includes the iconic skincare benefits of the La Mer crème products, smoothing and perfecting the appearance of my skin’s texture with a flawless radiant finish. I wore this foundation from early hours of the morning, right down to after work drinks and the foundation did give me longevity and full coverage. The only downfall of this foundation is the limitations on the shade range, as it is only available in 21 shades. This means any skin tone darker than me are unable to retrieve their colour, however, La Mer is working to get more shades for next year. I always prefer foundations with SPF as I want to ensure that my skin is being protected by the sun, preventing skin cancer, ageing and wrinkles.
THE SCIENCE BEHIND LA MER PRODUCTS BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONTo prime my lips, I use the La Mer lip balm that smooths and softens dry lips. I take a small amount for the lip balm, working the balm in my fingertips first before patting into my lips. I have very dry lips so I enjoyed using this balm has it seeps into the lips, deep conditioning the lips with a hint of mint to calm and restore the lips. The lip balm key ingredient is the Miracle Broth™ and is formulated without Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates. This formula instantly treats, nourishes, restores and supports the natural moisture barrier to help prevent visible damage from environmental stress.
THE SCIENCE BEHIND LA MER PRODUCTS BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONFor my nighttime skincare regime, I use the original Crème de La Mer moisturising cream, which is a luxurious deep moisturising rich cream. I suffer from dry skin and using this cream at night helps to ensure that my skin is revitalised, and refreshed, waking up to soft, dewy and illuminated skin. The Crème de La Mer moisturising cream of course includes the Miracle Broth™ – the legendary renewing elixir that flows through all of La Mer – infuses skin with sea-sourced renewing energies.







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