LABEL M SUN EDITION BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONWith summer fast approaching, Label M have your summer hair sorted with the perfect hair travel edit! This collection is filled with products that reverse the signs of hair damage, whilst still leaving your tresses glossy and hydrated.LABEL M SUN EDITION BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONIncluded in this collection is the Label M Protect oil (60ml). This light-weight oil not only moisturises the hair but at the same time protects the hair from sun damage, chlorine and salt water, leaving you with glossy shiny hair. LABEL M SUN EDITION BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONThe Label M protein spray is one of Label M’s best sellers and is developed with Label M’s exclusive enviroshield complex. The spray acts as added protection to protect the hair against heat, styling and uv rays, replacing any lost naturally keratin protein. LABEL M SUN EDITION BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONThe after sun cleanser is a deep clean shampoo that has been developed to help remove chlorine, salt water, sand and sweat. This shampoo also aids in protecting against colour fade, whilst repairing against thermal damage. LABEL M SUN EDITION BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONThe Label M aftersun mask is a new mask that intensely conditions and hydrates the hair and is the perfect remedy for after sun care. 

All products from the Label M sun edition have their fruit cocktail blend technology, which composes of three potent natural ingredients that all provide health hair properties. The green tangerine extract is renowned for it’s intense moisture, protective, emollient properties. The Myrtle Berry Leaves acts as an anti-agent and anti-biotic due to its high levels of flavonoids. Shisandra seeds are another extract that are rich in antioxidants; vitamin A and C and have healing properties. The Sun edition collection is also infused with anti-chlorine molecule technology, so whether you are swimming in the sea or a swimming pool, this technology aids in reversing the damage caused by chlorine when a chemical reaction occurs with the amino acids in the hair. 




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