MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONThere are a few beauty products that I have been loving and using consistently since the beginning of August and I want to share my beauty secrets with you my lovelies!MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONMy first favourite beauty product of the month has to be the Benefit Bad Gal Bang volumising mascara! I love using this mascara has every time I do I get such lovely compliments! If you follow me on Instagram then you would how much I rave on about this mascara! With Bad Gal Bang being the no.1 selling Prestige Eye Makeup Product in the UK you are bound to see volumised lashes with lasting effect. 102 women self evaluated themselves using the Bad Gal Bang volumising mascara and the results are

*90% saw dramatic volume

*94% said it instantly lifted lashes

*92% said it lengthened lashes

This mascara not only lengthens your lashes but lasts for 36 hours without weighing down your lashes. The gravity-defying formula contains aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials, derived from space technology. So say goodbye to false lashes and lengthen your natural lashes. MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONFor the last year I have been using the  Ready Steady Glow AHA tonic from Ren skincare has part of my daily routine. Everyday after showering I apply the tonic with a cotton pad and wipe all over my face. What I love about this daily cleanse is the handy pump function, which makes the application so convenient. Ren say 

‘Your skin only needs to reach a pH of between 3.5 – 4 to

access it’s ‘A-HA moment’ achieve its natural

glow. It’s about quality over quantity – clean actives, delivering the optimum pH help the skin trigger its natural exfoliation process.

REN believes in supporting the health of new cells at every stage of their journey, formulating to ensure you achieve that REN ‘glow’, while never compromising your skin’s ability to protect.’

The daily AHA tonic uses ingredients such as lactic acid and willow bark extract, which aid in smoothing and reducing pore sizes. Whilst azelaic acid hydrates the face, which is vital for me, as my skin type is dry and I am always looking for products that hydrate and illuminate the face. For the last year I have seen the difference in my face, with my skin appearing more hydrated and radiant and I definitely recommend this tonic as one of my favourites. MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONNip and Fab is by far one of my favourite go to skin care brands and recently I have been loving their Bee Sting fix eye. After my cleansing my face, I apply the eye serum under my eye as part of my daily night time routine. This is a rich and stimulating eye cream which aids in the appearance of tiredness. With bee venom being the vital ingredient, it aids in being an anti-agent for active for younger looking skin. The key ingredient benefits of using this eye serum is

*Bee venom: Which aids in plumping and firms the appearance of the skin. 

*Propolis extract: Which is a skin healer, anti-oxidant + antiseptic. 

*Cocoa butter: Which contains fatty acids which improves skin moisture and elasticity. 

*Shea butter: Which helps to strengthen skin and repair damage. 

*Tegocosmo: Which is a skin brightener and will help fade age spots. 

*Elestan: Which recovers firmer and more elastic skin. 

Due to my busy schedule and late nights, I need a serum that will target my dull under eyes, brighten them, and reduce the look of tiredness and this serum does just that!MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONMy favourite moisturiser this summer has to be the Kiehl’s nourishing dry body oil. Formulated with Squalane and Grapeseed Oil, this spray-on body oil delivers a fine mist that absorbs quickly into the skin. This is great for summer days as the oil leaves no residue, lightweight and dry to the touch but still hydrates the skin. After showering, I apply to oil to wet skin and allow the oil to sink into my skin, leaving me with nourished glowing skin! This oil is also Water-free, mineral oil free and sulfate free. MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDON

Another favourite is this Morphe M439 duffer brush. This brush has been a absolute Godsend this month and I have been using this brush to create a flawless base for all my looks. The duffer brush makes it easier to spread foundation all over the face for full coverage. Morphe is a must have brand for all your makeup brushes!MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONMonths later, and I still cannot get over how amazing this Fenty Beauty Pro FILTER Concealer is! Lately I have been working hard and this concealer aids in hiding my dark circles flawlessly. This is a creamy, longwear, creaseproof liquid concealer that delivers light-as-air, medium to full coverage in a groundbreaking range of 50 matte skin tone shades. I use the concealer in the shade 385, which corresponds with my foundation shade and place underneath my eyes to conceal my dark circles and brighten my eyes. MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONLately I have been sporting a lot of natural looks and the perfect natural look always includes a black winged liner. My favourite eyeliner of the month has to be the Benefit Roller Liner in black. Benefit did self evaluation on 101 women, using the Roller Liner Eyeliner after a week and

*94% said it creates a smooth and continuous line

*93% said it does not tug or drag on the skin

*91% said it stays put

I love using this roller liner eyeliner, as the application is so easy to use, giving you a perfect winged eyeliner.MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONI recently reviewed the Charlotte Tilbury Latex love collection and I’ve been using these two colour simultaneously throughout August. Dirty Dancer, which is berry red lip gloss with brown undertones. MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONAnd Video Vixen which is deep red lipgloss with a mirror shine finish. I love these lip lacquers has they are highly pigmented but yet still hydrating. The gloss is enriched with emollient oils for a glossy, fluid texture and silicone polymers to intensify the lusciously soft feel on the lips. The name in itself-Latex Love is truly represented as the gloss gives off a mirror-shine finish, leaving your lips looking like the shine of a new pair of Latex leggings. What makes this lip gloss so magical is that it is formulated with a lip-hugging effect to enhance your lips and drench them with flawless colour.

MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONWhen the day is over and it is time to take off my makeup and start my nighttime routine, I always grab the RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil and apply to my face. This Rosehip oil is a 100% pure and natural Certified Organic rosehip oil, cold pressed from the highest quality seeds of the Rosehip berry (Rosa Canina) which are sourced from the Andes Mountains in the southern regions of Chile.RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil contains naturally occurring bioflavonoids and essential fatty acids. Bioflavonoids act as potent antioxidants, helping to reduce free radical damage in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6 and 9) in the oil help to keep the skin hydrated, moisturised and younger looking. RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil can be used by every BODY, every DAY. It is suitable for use on all skin types, including oily/combination skin and the most sensitive skin. Benefits of RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil are

*Reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. 

*Reduce the appearance of scars. *Maintain skin hydration

*Improve the appearance of dry skin

*Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

*Promote skin elasticity and texture

*Repair sun damaged skin

*Reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation

*Repair skin tissue as a result of burns

*This is oil is also Vegan Friendly, Certified Organic and PETA Endorsed. 

I have noticed using this oil for the last couple of months, that my face is instantly hydrated overnight. I also suffered from dark scarring on my right cheek from old acne scars, and this oil combined with other products has reduced this, making my skin appear more brighter and youthful.MY AUGUST FAVOURITES BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONAfter applying the Rosehip oil, I use the La Mer soft moisturising cream as part of my moisturising nighttime routine. I applied this cream by warming up the crème in my fingertips to release the Miracle Broth™ – which is the legendary renewing elixir that flows through all of La Mer – infuses skin with sea-sourced renewing energies. I then work the cream into my skin and finish off patting the cream into my skin to ensure the crème is fully absorbed by my skin. I have been using this cream for nearly a year and have seen the improvements to my face. I used to suffer from dry skin but using this cream my face is more hydrated, look more youthful and younger. 







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