FeelUnique have recently launched their new wellness category, which is a huge step for this e-commerce and has a woman I do not have to feel insecure about buying these products. I can pick up my favourite beauty products as well as buying intimate products and no one has to know. Perfect! What is even more is that FeelUnique stock one of my favourite intimate brands WooWoo! Founded by Lucy Anderson this brand was created for women that wanted health, self-care, and pleasure but with a twist. Well when the founder’s alias is a woman (with a bag full of condoms) on a mission, you know that the brand is going to be a lot of fun!FEELUNIQUE X WOOWOO BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONLucy says

“It was very clear that women’s sexuality was still a taboo. That’s why there were all these news stories about women being too embarrassed to go for smear tests and the rise in sexually transmitted diseases. No one was talking openly about this stuff. And so, two years of research began, chatting to loads of other women of all ages to see what they wanted Woowoo to look like, what products they wanted in the range. Late nights fuelled by countless coffee’s (my coffee machine took a real battering), and early mornings running around with a suitcase full of condoms (yep, this happens on the regs) led me to where we are today.”

I was lucky enough to meet Lucy at one of their launches last year and all I can say is that this woman is an absolute boss! I am mesmerised by her evanescent personality and her love for women empowerment and self-care! What I also love about the brand is how gorgeous and on trend the packaging of these intimate products are, which make me more excited to use them. WooWoo is a natural, vegan, and cruelty-free feminine hygiene range, which makes you feel guilt free whilst using these products. Ultimately, I love the brand that Lucy created and these are my favourite products that FeelUnique stock!WooWoo Tame it! Hair Removal Cream is a definite must have from the brand! Before any intimacy occurs you must ensure that you come correct! I like to remain bush free so this product is perfect! This intimate Hair Removal can be used for your undercarriage, bum, and bikini line, removing all hair pain free in just 3 minutes. The innovative formulation is a blend of soothing Aloe Vera, silk and softening oils to make sure your that your bush is gone but is not irritated. So, Tame it!



For soft and smooth skin in 5-10 minutes, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Use the applicator to apply the cream evenly onto dry skin before showering. Don’t rub in and make sure that the hair you want to remove is completely covered. Wash cream off hands.

Step 2: Wait for 3 minutes before stepping into the shower.

Step 3: Shower as you normally would but for the first 2 minutes avoid putting the cream directly in the stream of water. It’s normal for a bit of cream to wash off.

Step 4: After the 2 minutes are up _use a sponge or a cloth to gently remove a small test area of cream. If hair comes away easily massage in a circular motion to remove the rest. If your hair is stubborn, leave cream for up to 3 more minutes – but no longer.

Step 5: Rinse your skin thoroughly with water to remove the cream completely and then dry.

The WooWoo Tame it! Hair Removal Cream is Dermatologically tested, contains Aloe Vera, is gently scented, and comes with an application spatula. This product is made in the UK.FEELUNIQUE X WOOWOO BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDON

Another favourite and absolute must have is the WooWoo Saddle Sore chafing Balm. Often shaving, waxing and even spin classes can leave your down they are feeling lumpy and bumpy but have no fear because this product will become your secret weapon! The secrecy is in this soothing balm’s ingredients; sourced from nature this gentle product heals sore and irritated skin with chamomile, rosehip oil, and Aloe Vera.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to areas that need a loving touch.

This product is Vegan and is hosted in Sugarcane packaging.


WooWoo encourages us to play dirty but stay clean with their WooWoo Micellar Intimate Wash. It is a known fact that even the gentlest soaps and shower gel can disrupt your vaginal pH balance and cause upset to your intimate area, so WooWoo created this gentle wash. This wash is made up of microscopic oil molecules, as well as micelles for gentle cleansing, whilst naturally sourced Aloe Vera aids in moisturising your most delicate parts. What I love the most about this wash is the easy to use foaming pump, which makes washing a breeze.

DIRECTIONS: Use this like you would a normal shower gel; pump away and wash in the shower.FEELUNIQUE X WOOWOO BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONIf you prefer a wash with a bit of kick, you can opt for the WooWoo Cranberry Intimate Wash. This cleansing wash was created to keep you clean from head to toe. Cranberry is known for preventing UTI so this wash is designed not to upset your intimate area, but rather to be beneficial.

DIRECTIONS: Use this like you would a normal shower gel.

This wash is dermatologically tested and is pH balanced for intimate use.FEELUNIQUE X WOOWOO BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDON

For intimate and on the go cleansing, WooWoo have you covered with their cranberry Intimate Wipes. These wipes are biodegradable and are handy for when you need to freshen up or Mother Nature has unexpectedly graced you with her presence. As mentioned Cranberry, extract is known for preventing UTIS, which no one wants! These wipes also include Aloe Vera, which is widely recognised for its healing properties and softness. Wipes are dermatologically tested, with ph balanced for intimate use. 100% cellulose wipes and vegan friendly.FEELUNIQUE X WOOWOO BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDONFor those of you who want to take it up a gear and stir up some excitement, WooWoo have the perfect product for you the WooWoo Arousal Boosting Lubricant. This lubricant is not only is slick, it also enhances and stimulates the senses but is moisturising. With ingredients such as macadamia oil, and Aloe Vera, the surrounding skin is moisutrised. Whilst Japanese honeysuckle and geranium oil aid in relaxation, reducing irritation and inflammation. As well as being sensual, this lubricant is water-based lube, making the lube safe to use with condoms.

DIRECTIONS: Smooth this natural, water based lube wherever you like on your skin and intimate area.

This lubricant is made in the UK and is dermatologically tested, not tested on animals and comes in sugar cane packaging.FEELUNIQUE X WOOWOO BY TONIQUE CAMPBELL BOUJI IN LONDON

Another product that is set to get you in the mood is the WooWoo Pleasure Enhancing Bliss Oil. This natural oil allows you to unlock new levels of pleasure and can be used by yourself or with a partner.






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