Opinions and views

All opinions and views are completely mines (Tonique Maria Campbell) I am entitled to my opinion and so are you. Please note my blog reviews products and services, which are suitable for myself but may not be suitable for all readers. Despite being a blogger I am also aware that I may influence my audience through my social channels, however, earlier in my career I made a stance to always express my views, be authentic, relatable and reliable to my audience.

Affiliates/ADS/Sponsorship and Gifting

I believe it is always vital to be transparent in regards to affiliate links. I do use affiliate links on my blog, as well as other social media platforms. However, you as the customer do not actually pay more for using my affiliate links. A small percentage of the sale may go to the person that generated the affiliate link, as they influenced the sale.

Furthermore in 2019, please note if #gifted is used in a video, this is due to a brand gifting me the product. If #ad is used this a paid or sponsored video, where the brand have paid me to collaborate with them. I try to be transparent throughout my content and social media. Please also note that I never promote products that I have not actually used.

Image credits

Please note all images taken of myself or of items on this blog belong to the author and the blog- Bouji In London. Images should not be taken from this blog to be used for professional purposes or material. If you wish to use this imagery, please contact the blog or Tonique Campbell.
If this blog, in any case, does use external imagery, please note it will be credited to the external source. However, if this was not implemented please contact the blog or Tonique Campbell


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